Recently a case of a patient came to me with some skin allergy. He told me there was severe itching and small eruptions with sticky discharge. His hand and forearm had been swollen and very painful. Slight swelling was seen on eyes and face too.

Contact dermatitis or allergic skin reaction occurs when skin comes into contact with an allergen which causes itching, rashes, bumps, blisters, pain, swelling, etc. The affected area can be red and hot to touch.

We started the treatment and within two days the swelling reduced and the discharge stopped. Some dryness of hand was still present which is healing now.

Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathy is a wonderful healing system which cures the problem from its root. Various cases of skin allergy have been treated successfully with well selected Homeopathic medicines like arsenic alb, rhustox, mezerium, sulphur, etc.

We get to see such quick and satisfactory response with our Homeopathic sweet pills.

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