Homeopathic treatment of Tonsillitis
Pain in throat !
Do you have difficulty in swallowing and fever ?
This might be inflammation of your tonsils, medically termed as Tonsillitis. Tonsillitis is very common in children but can affect everyone. Tonsils are part of our defence system that protect us from bacteria and viruses and in this process they get infected and become enlarged and inflammed.

A case of Follicular Tonsillitis

Tonsillitis is very painful condition in which one can’t swallow solids, liquids or even theirย  own saliva. There can be pricking or scratching sensation in throat with fever ( accompanied with chill, headache and bodypains). There could be hoarseness of voice too. Also loss of appetite, pain extending from throat to ear, bad smell from mouth, sensation of something stuck in throat, etc can be present.

On external examination, swelling around neck and tender lymph nodes on palpation are felt. On internal examination, swelling redness and enlargement of tonsils is visible. Sometimes we can notice small white patches over swollen tonsils, these are due to bacterial infection, termed as follicular tonsillitis. When there is congestion, runny nose, hoarse voice with throat pain, it is due to viral infection.
In some cases we see stone formation in tonsils called as tonsiolith .
Complications like dysphagia, sleep apnoea and peritonsillar abscess can occur in chronic untreated cases.

Bacteria and viruses from environment are main cause of inflammation of tonsils.
Viruses like influenza virus, rhinovirus, adenovirus, EBV,ย  etc can cause tonsillitis, wheras streptococcus pyogens is commonest bacteria behind inflammation of tonsils. Other bacterias can also cause inflammation.

Homeopathy can save you from surgery!

Yes, Homeopathic medicines can treat tonsillitis and can further stop the recurrence of tonsillitis. We have very good remedies to cure both acute an chronic tonsillitis.
Homeopathic medicines stimulate body’s immune system to fight from the infections.
Medicines like baryta carb, hepar sulph, Merc iod rubor, phytolacca, belladonna, calcarea carb, etc bring about excellent results in acute tonsillitis case. Constitutional remedy is required to stop further recurrence.

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