Homeopathy for Enlarged lymph nodes in neck  ( Cervical Lymphadenopathy )

It is very commonly seen in children that some swollen nodules/lumps/masses are visible and palpable in neck region (sides of neck) of varying sizes about >1cm. They are enlarged lymph nodes and mostly they are benign (non-cancerous).

Symptoms :

The enlarged lymph nodes can be painless or tender painful nodes on sides of neck with associated symptoms like fever, sore throat, cold, runny nose, loss of appetite, loss of weight, headache, etc.

Cause : Poor immunity is one of the causation of cervical lymphadenopathy.

Acute cases – Bilateral enlargement of lymph nodes in neck can be due to many reasons like viral infection ( upper respiratory tract infection ) or bacterial ( streptococcal infection), measels, ear infection, tooth abscess, etc.

Chronic cases – Unilateral or bilateral enlargement can be due to viral/bacterial infection, medication, malignancy, cat scratch disease, STD’s, HIV, toxoplasmosis, rheumatological conditions, tuberculosis, eczema, etc.

Cured Case – I am sharing a case of enlarged neck lymph nodes. A 5 year old child suffering from bilateral cervical lymphadenopathy from 5-6months came to my clinic. On examination I observed that the nodules were painless, large and movable. His mother told that he had taken various medications but the size of nodules remained as it is. He had history of recurrent tonsillitis too. After his thorough case taking and analysis he was prescribed Homeopathic medicines for 2 weeks. He showed quick improvement and nodules on left side disappeared within a week and his tonsillitis was also better. On his follow up, I continued the same medicines and gave stat dose of his constitutional medicine to stop recurrence. That’s the power of Homeopathy.

Homeopathic treatment for Cervical Lymphadenopathy :
Homeopathy has proven its efficacy in curing swellings and enlarged nodes by increasing our immunity.
We have very good medicines like belladonna, thuja, lapis alba, hepar sulph, phytolacca, conium, baryta carb, bromium, calcarea flourica, etc.

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