Homoeopathic Treatment for Pityriasis Alba

Have you noticed small round white spots or red scaly patches on face?
This hypo-pigmentation / light discoloration of skin is commonly noticed in children but can be seen among adults too.
This is Pityriasis Alba ( where pityriasis means fine scales and alba means pale discoloration).

APPEARANCE ( Location and size) :
The spots are generally oval, round and sometimes irregular in shape present mainly on face( cheeks, chin and forehead ) but can also be seen on neck, chest, back and arms. The size of spots can vary from 0.5 to 5cm in diameter.

Exact cause is not known. It is considered as benign eczema or a form of atopic dermatitis. People with atopy (allergic tendencies ) like allergic rhinits or asthma or people having excess sun exposure  or having sensitive skin are at risk of developing pityriasis alba.
Sometimes white spots can be seen in kids with intestinal worm infestation but with symptoms like anal itching, nosepicking, increased appetite, etc. Also due to malnutrition and vitamin (vitamin D and vitamin E ) & mineral deficiencies mainly calcium, zinc and iron can cause white spots on face.

Painless, non-contagious hypo-pigmented spots or red scaly patchy discoloration of skin is visible. Skin appears to be dry.
Patches can be oval or irregular with  defined margins or irregular borders. The discolored spots may or may not be itchy.

Patient feedback 😊

OPT HOMEOPATHY for treatment of your white spots/ Pityriasis Alba.
In Homeopathy, we have very good treatment of discolored spots and there is improvement in the skin condition. Few indicated medicines are cina, thuja, arsenic, calcarea, silicea, acid nitricum, etc.

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