Females have gone through many hardships yet smiling and responsibly carrying out their daily activities. Not paying much attention to the self-health has impacted the overall health status of women.

Because of which females might have suffered or are suffering from problems such as : 

1 Menstrual Trouble / Painful Menstrual Cycle (Periods)
2 White Discharge / Leucorrhoea
3 Puberty Issues
4 Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)
5 Problems during Pregnancy and after Childbirth
6 Hormonal Issues
7 Menopausal Symptoms
8 Weakness
9 Sexual Dysfunction
10 Psychological Problems

If you wish to know more about female problems (menstrual cycle, periods hormonal changes, etc.) and their underlying cause, symptoms, diagnosis, and health advice, you can refer to blogs here.

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